About Me

I am Nic Galler, ngaller, nicocrm, nico_g or even Chive for those who met me on IRC in the 90’s.

What I Do

I write programs and web sites. I have been programming for almost as long as I can remember and it is truly a passion.
I like to try a bit of everything but I find I am best with API integration, data manipulation and front-end logic. I love C#, Javascript, PHP and also dabble with Go, Python and Ruby when I get the chance. I work a lot with Salesforce, InforCRM, ASP.NET MVC and WordPress, using React, Angular, jQuery and dojo on the front-end. Beyond the technological aspect, I pride myself on the communication side of software development – designing and building a solution via a collaborative process from requirement gathering to end-user documentation. I love a challenge and I am always trying to find opportunities to leave my comfort zone – I believe that is the best way to keep advancing. You can find some examples of my work on the Portfolio page, or get in touch with me.

I also enjoy gardening and cooking. I love experimenting with recipes to find the right combination and know better than to follow a recipe to the letter (this is not unlike the way I program, come to think of it). I am an avid cyclist though a leg injury is keeping me from spending as much time as I would like on the bike right now. When I am not doing any of that I am probably enjoying my family’s company as I have been blessed with a beautiful wife and a wonderful son (who can be very demanding, as any 3 year old!).

About the code on this blog…

Unless otherwise mentioned, any code contained in the blog articles of this site is placed in the public domain, that is, it is not copyrighted, and free to use however you see fit.

The blog itself runs on WordPress, set up with the Bedrock boilerplate and using a custom theme based on the Bones theme (available on Github if you are interested).