Reading list: Python Algorithms

Python Algorithms: Mastering Basic Algorithms in the Python Language

Python Algorithms: Mastering Basic Algorithms in the Python Language

For a software developer keeping skills up to date is vital. I actually enjoy learning a lot so I keep up with a number of blogs and have also a sizable digital library (I buy paper books once in a while too but having the digital ones is so convenient) and an ever-growing reading queue on Safari. BUT I have noticed most of my reading and learning focused on the practical side of things… how to use this or that library or framework, how to do a certain type of effect with CSS, how to get the most performance out of my Javascript… with little focus on the more theoretical aspect. I recently did a coding interview with codility and it made me realize, I suck at algorithm design! Which is sad because 15 years ago it was my favorite subject and I was actually quite good at it. Even though I don’t spend that much time designing algorithms in my day to day activities I firmly believe keeping a sharp and well rounded mind is essential to the craft.

This book is my attempt to address this! I plan to read it thoroughly (and do the exercises) within a month. It’s tough to fit something like that in the schedule sometimes but I want to give it my best shot and making this announcement on the blog is going to further motivate me.

I picked the book because it seems relatively easy to read, basic without being too basic, still delving into some formalism without making it the focus of the book. The style is clear and concise, the explanations are good, though sometimes I need a little help from Google. AND it has examples in Python which is a treat (I really love the language and wish I got to use more of it in my regular job).

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